GroKool Branding
Mountain Biologicals Branding
Mountain Biologicals Video Projects
Vegan001 App design
App design for Vegan001, which is a complete solution for anybody who has turned vegan or is planning to do so. From finding the nearby vegan dishes and restaurants, to exploring vegan products to finding a vegan partner, the app is a comprehensive solution.
Nexus1201 Branding
Nexus 1201 is a co-working space  in Midtown Atlanta executive offices and suites located at the iconic One Atlantic Center. This was the winning entry from the 99design contest for the identity design.
Prudent Ventures branding
This is the identity design project for a company based out in Australia, Prudent Ventures which has 4 sub brands, which are 4 applications for different domains.
Uttarakhand Tourism Branding
This is the proposed identity for Uttarakhand Tourism in India.
Logofolio 2019
Logo Collection in gold
Proseco India Branding
This is the Brand identity Project done for Proseco India, a new railway design company. The idea was to bring out an exclusive identity where we could showcase India being connected with new innovations in the railways.
Spheria Logo Design
Logo design for an asset management company in Australia
Mom-made Pickles branding and labeling design
This is the branding and packaging design project for a new pickles brand.
Finance for Founders Branding
This project is an initiative by cityFalcon, a london based fin-tech startup to provide free financial advice to enterprenuers.
Moiety Logo Design
This is a project done for a client for an exclusive bracelet jewelry brand both for men and women.
City Falcon Branding
This project is for a UK based financial venture.
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