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What is a storyboard in web design and why its more important than wireframes, for carving an exciting journey for your customers?

Introduction: Storyboarding and wireframing are two of the most common design processes for websites. They both have their benefits, but there’s a huge difference between them. Here’s what you need to know about storyboarding and wireframing for website design.


What is Storyboard.

A storyboard is a schematic plan of the entire website design. It is used to help designers create an outline for the website, and to help with the layout and design of the website. Storyboards are usually created as part of a larger project, such as a web development project or an eCommerce store.

How Does Storyboard Work

Storyboard works by breaking down a website into its various sections (headings, paragraphs, images, etc.), and then creating a story outline for each section. This outline can be used to help designers create layouts and designs for each section of the website.


How to Use Storyboard on a Website

To use storyboarding on a website, first open up your storyboard in Adobe Photoshop or another vector software program. Next, click on one of the sections you want to work on in your storyboard and drag it into your main web design document using the left hand side of your keyboard (or right-click and select “copy”). Then paste the copy into an appropriate location in your web design document.

How to Use Wireframing for Website Design.

Wireframing is a tool used for designing website pages. It helps to create a clean and concise design, which can help to simplify the overall look and feel of a website. wireframing is also used to create images and illustrations for website designs.

How Does Wireframing Work

The process of wireframing begins by creating a basic design for your website. This will include all of the header tags, meta data, and content that will be used on your site. From here, you can begin to add in your pages and elements using the wireframe tool.


How to Use Wireframing on a Website

Once you have completed your design, it is important to print out or save the final version as a pdf file so that you can easily use it in future designs. Once you have saved the file as a pdf, you can then start working on layout and typography while still using the wireframes as reference material.


Use Storyboard to Speed Up Your Design Process

By using storyboarding, you can speed up your design process by breaking down your website into smaller pieces. This will help you focus on specific tasks while still allowing for much flexibility in later stages of development. Additionally, by using storyboarding, you can easily create repeatable designs that can be tailored to specific needs.



Storyboard can be used to quickly create a website design, while Wireframing can help you save money on your website designs. Both tools can play an important role in successful web design projects. By using the right tools and following specific steps, you can make sure that your website is designed to stand out and sell products.

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